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Mis apellidos son G.R
Dibujante aficionada. Estudiante de arquitectura. La cuidad es el caos de nuestras propias mentes~

lucy & the limbs from edlyn capulong on Vimeo.

lucy, who lived in the pines, was once bored out of her mind.
but what she would discover, was a thing like no other;
an unexpected friend she would find.

an animated fourth year film by edlyn capulong |

ottawa international film festival 2014 | canadian student competition
varna world festival of animated film 2014 | children’s film selection
shortz! film festival 2014 | official 2014 selection

AWAY from Damien Colboc on Vimeo.

Here is my graduation film!
I hope you enjoy it, please give me any feedback you want!


if you’re in the DC area this weekend, come say HI!!!!


Number 2 by Box Brown 

Contains the stories “Sk8rh8r” about a skateboarding girl who gets White Castle and has a run in with a schizophrenic local and the cops and “Elroy Mirrors’ Big Score” about a struggling documentary film maker. 

54 pages, black and white; Shipping in early September. 

Get it here!

(vía retrofitcomics)



Laetitia Casta, Cannes Film Festival (May 26, 2013)

I don’t know. I would probably dream that I could fly if I wore this.

(vía brosbeforeseunghos)

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